Pass off the sham as the genuine, substitution in the Louis vuitton handbags canada luxury industry is become inured to the unusual, like the LV package you believe very afraid Maidaojiahuo, generally the top luxury in the security and quality will do Kung Fu, distinguish the true from the false only need our snacks can identify. Louis Weedon Louis Vitton handbags and false identification expert weapon. Zoccai take you to have a look the expert what small strokes can help you identify the LV package is true.
Material: light skin LV package (blue or brown) material is very pretty, and light skin false payment is made of plastic, so soft.
Lines: LV bag printed with special canvas plus burning resistance and scratch proof material, and so on the surface of lines is particularly evident. But the sources of false Louis Vitton is different, some materials for the poor, poor, Louis vuitton canada outlet sale most rubber is made, and the reflection degree, surface smooth, concave convex feeling weak.
Number: each LV package products are engraved with a clear number. And the pseudo Louis Vitton many do not number.
Bouquet: product LV package has a unique cowboy skin taste (especially the new LV products). And the pseudo Louis Vitton cowboy skin flavour is weak, some only plastic taste.
Printing: early (60 years) LV package printing with green, and Louis vuitton handbags canada more recently with the brown. Early Louis Vitton printing on both sides of the symmetry, but not necessarily symmetrical. Fake Louis Vitton printing relatively dark brown, some are light brown, and printing can also be symmetrical on both sides.
Car line: true LV package (printing) car line is Louis vuitton handbags canada darker, with especially strong waxy twine made, so it is very durable. False LV (printing) lighter car line, made of common cotton thread, so easily broken.
Font: font carved in the LV package is very clear, the font wider. Louis Vitton products most are engraved with the "Made in France" or "Made in Spain", or "Made in U.S.A.". But engraves in the fake Louis Vitton font is also very clear, but the font is higher and narrower, letter separated.
In fact, the true and false brand bag difference is in the Louis vuitton canada outlet detail and quality is the pursuit of perfection, careful people can easily find the difference between the two. According to the above zoccai Xiaobian for expert advice that you collect, start time will buy the bag for you!